America!  He said YES!!!  For those of you that do not know, I proposed the question to my boyfriend of 1.5 years and asked him to marry me.  He has supported my America reign, continues to be my backbone when things 
get rough, and no matter what mood I am in, always seems to put a smile on my face when we are together.  As I stated in my proposal speech, I love extremely hard and “love” almost killed me.  Many would have abandoned 
love and went the other way with what I have been through.  But I couldn’t ignore someone who loves just as hard as I do and compliments me in every way possible.  I am grateful to feature him on my official promotional picture 
this month because after all, he earned this title just as much as I did; we are a team!  We have plans to have a cruise wedding December of 2021 and will share the details as soon as they are finalized.  Until then, make sure you show all the love to America’s first gentleman, Danny Cera.

I took the month of January to enjoy the holidays with family and friends and move to finalizing details for the National competition August 12 – 14, 2020 in Dallas, TX.  We are working hard and look forward to sharing all of those details no later than the end of March.  To recap, we have eight qualified contestants from four prelims and thirteen other prelims for gentlemen to qualify all over the country.

I would like to show the transparency we in the field of pageantry should exhibit.  As you remember, I initiated project 20/40 in 2020; twenty prelims with forty qualified contestants.  Although not totally to that goal, our 
dedicated and exceptional promoters have given us seventeen preliminaries. We unfortunately had to cancel one because of misunderstandings between the reigning of that region and the promoter and another promoter cancelled because of financial and budgeting issues.  Nonetheless, we are pressing forward to be one of the greatest and biggest male contests in the world.  We pride ourselves in the uniqueness that only the winner and first alternate are allowed their ticket at any given prelim (2nd alternates and appointments are not allowed at America).  Therefore, to reach numbers, we will  show male leads are not dead and still growing astronomically.  I find pleasure in that I shoot for the moon and still reaching the stars.

It is not too late for those promoters believing in the dreams and causes of our male leads and next generation of male leads to get a preliminary and have two gentlemen represent you at Nationals.  I still vouch that we have 
THE greatest promoters in the America system.  They not only assist their title holders financially, but show them support throughout their preparations.  Many have come and told me they are exited to represent the prelim they 
qualified for and that pleases me.

February is deemed the month of love.  I challenge all to find the good in each person you come in contact with, cherish the love in the relationships you currently have and keep an open mind to allowing yourself to be treated 
with the respect and honor we all deserve.  Everyone has flaws; it is those flaws that make us uniquely perfect!  


Next up, Mr Gay North Carolina in Charlotte, NC on February 22, 2020.   Until next time, love and allow love America.

Simba R.  Hall - Mr. Gay America 2019

Simba's Roar
February 2020

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