Hello America!  It has been another busy and productive month in the land of  America.  I was pleased to have my first conference call with Mike and Rob regarding the direction we’d like to see Mr Gay America move in.  I feel they were happy to see my enthusiasm for expanding the brand of the America system and were extremely accommodating with some of my ideas for the Mister division.  I cannot wait to share our progress in the very near future.

 We had another successful preliminary in the original home of the America system, Little Rock, AR.  Mr Gay Diamond America , promoted by Diedra Windsor was nothing less than spectacular.  Our 2nd alternate from this past year, August Edwards came out victorious.  Although the other two competitors did not make it easy, it was his professionalism, style, attention to details and previous knowledge on the National America stage that gave him the advantage.  I have grown to love August as my brother and am extremely motivated to see the product he and Diedra will produce at Nationals next year.  Zie’l Iman Dickerson claimed the 1st alternate position.  I am very proud of this young man as well. Many might not be aware of the newcomer systems and Zie’l is a product of them.  One of the greatest benefits is those systems prepare ladies and gentlemen for the “big leagues” without the pressure of competing against those who are well acclimated in the world of pageantry.  One hindrance is it becomes hard to leave the newcomer division and graduate to “big league".  Zie’l proved this myth to be false and showed all what he had learned from former titles in the newcomer community.  He is definitely ready for the big stage.



I had an opportunity to represent America at Mr Continental of which I am a former.  The love and accolades received weren’t  just for the love of me but the title in which I represent.  I knew the task I embarked upon when I said I wanted to be Mr Gay America; but now, I am living in this legacy.  A huge congratulations to my now second time over brother, Desi Andrews!  All I saw on the stage while you were competing was Erika Andrews and tears of joy filled my heart.  It was a win definitely deserved.  


I am extremely excited for Miss Gay America in less than a month.  I’m looking forward to seeing old and new friends and socializing with all of my fellow Americans.  I also look forward to meeting new people and introducing them to the views of the Mister division and how it coincides with the division we all know and love.  Andora has worked hard to keep the dream and vision of excellence alive in her reign and it will be bitter sweet to see her go.  Yes, I will not reign with her any longer but excited to see the next Miss Gay America join me in representing this excellence around the world.  Who will it be?  Do you all have your favorites?  We will see October 2 - 5, 2019 in St Louis, MO.


Project 20/40 in 2020 for the Mr Division is shaping up nicely and work is being done daily to produce this quality to all that support pageantry next year. You will hear more of the details in this project in the very near future.  I am still looking for those up for the challenge be it promoters or contestants. Next on the books, Mr Gay Great Lakes America in Dayton, OH, December 1, 2019.

Simba R.  Hall - Mr. Gay America 2019




Simba's Roar
September 2019

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