Good Morning America! This is my second journal entry as Mr. Gay America and what an amazing month August has been! I last left off with introducing my 6 talented gentlemen who have all qualified to compete for Mr. Gay America in 2019… and I want to take this opportunity to really introduce them to you all! 


Right after I won Mr. Gay America, my first preliminary I attended was Mr. Gay Texas America… there were a total of 10 contestants all whom did outstanding in the competition. The first contestant who would be representing Texas received 1st alternate and that was Ronnie Skyy Mikyles! I was blown away watching his talents and the way he presented himself on stage! It was the first time I had met and personally watched him compete and knew he would be a great contender. From what I remember him discussing in interview, he use to be behind the scenes and would back up dance for other performers and after watching him stand in the spotlight at Mr. Gay Texas he definitely has earned that spot to be in the forefront because his stage presence is extraordinary! The second contestant representing Texas is Mr. Gay Texas America himself, Nathan Paris. I knew who Nathan was before arriving to Mr. Gay Texas and was excited to see him venture into the America family.  Watching him compete from start to finish I was very impressed with his drive and determination of wanting to represent Texas at the national level. His interview especially was an eye opener and I knew he would be one to watch later on that evening! Congratulations to both of them!! 


Fast forward to the following week… Mr. Gay America had a brand new preliminary already surface and that was Mr. Gay Midwest America. This new preliminary took place right at the heart of Mr. Gay America which was Hamburger Marys in St. Louis which is where nationals is being held next July. So already those contestants were able to get a feel for what nationals would be like… however the two gentlemen that qualified at this preliminary just happened to be my 1st and 2nd alternate at nationals! Lets meet 1st alternate to Mr. Gay Midwest Vincent T. Debeatuè. His stage presence and energy is truly awesome! I had the opportunity to meet and watch him perform before competing along side him at America but being able to watch him compete for America and not be back stage was quite refreshing with what he has to offer. His heart during interview was quite memorable with everything he discussed and one can truly tell he loves what he does and thats to entertain people. I was very impressed by his turn around time from just having competed at nationals receiving 2nd alternate and not two weeks later already qualifying for the 2019 year. Now we have Mr. Gay Midwest America and my 1st alternate to nationals Simba Hall! When I found out he was also returning so soon to come and compete for the 2019 season I was extremely excited for him because I was in his shoes just 1 year ago. Receiving that 1st alternate spot is so gratifying in a sense that you were so close to winning you can taste it and when you want something so bad you have no choice but to return to give it your all in hopes to come out victorious. Being able to watch Simba at Mr. Gay Midwest I can honesty say I was quite nervous watching all that he was doing because he did outstanding in the preliminary and I had just competed against all that. He is no stranger to competing and even after having been on a long break from competing he was able to jump right back in it and act as though he never took a break. Definitely be on the look out for what the Midwest team will be bringing to the national stage. 


One week after Mr. Gay Midwest America, I was already headed to my third preliminary of the year and that was Mr. Gay Oklahoma America. By the time this prelim had arrived Im pretty sure I was behind on sleep by about 15-20 hours. Most of my travel consisted of flying out extremely early and right off the plane it was time to head to registration and after that were interviews! But its just something you have to get through! Haha I arrived to Oklahoma to have 2 gentlemen waiting to compete, one whom I knew personally and competed with before and another whom I had never met. First, we have Axyl Zane Paige… I first met Axyl when him and I competed for Mr. Unlimited back in 2013 and ever since I have known him and watched his growth in pageantry, performing and costuming I knew he would be a great competitor. His love for performing in the entertainment industry is very clear with what he presents and how he presents it. He was very excited to be a part of the America system as he stated in his interview and will definitely be one to watch out for with all that he has in store for nationals. Second we have Mr. Gay Oklahoma Ryan Jackson! This was my first time meeting Ryan and he really blew me away with his interview. His business and performance skills were very impressive and I could tell he was very excited to be a part of the America system finally to really showcase his assets on how he can not only improve himself as a performer but as an administrator. Best of luck to these two gentlemen as the prepare for nationals! 


Now that I have introduced those 6 gentlemen who have already qualified for nationals I can now say that this year for Mr. Gay America we will be having a lot of new preliminaries joining the America family. I have already had quite a few additions this past month and currently are working on getting everything finalized for setting up dates and locations etc… so be sure to be on the look out for a preliminary near you! Anyone interested in joining the America family whether it be a contestant, promoter, or simply just someone who has questions about the America system as to what, who, why, how, where and when. 


Stay tuned for my next entry in Judas’ Journal where I will be discussing the daily life of being America! Good night America! 


Judas Elliot

Mr. Gay America 2018

Judas' Journal
September 2018

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