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Hello America!  

This is a special edition of “Simba’s Roar” as we have welcomed a new edition into our family.  I want to congratulate my beautiful and sweet queen, Pattaya Hart!  Your hard work and dedication to details were extremely prevalent at Miss America held October 2-5, 2019 in St Louis, MO.  When she competed for Miss Continental, I remember saying “who is that and where did she come from?”  It was evident then that she would be a force to reckon with in the field of pageantry.  I asked Pattaya, “why did you chose to compete for Miss Gay America and how do you feel now that you have accomplished that goal?”  She responded, “I admire how invested each judge and the formers are with every contestant and it makes it not about competing but more of how they can help you succeed.”  She continued by saying it feels amazing to be Miss Gay America and she will use this platform not only to represent herself but the whole America system around the country and world.  She then shows her humble side and told me she knew this was many other’s dream and she would not let them down with her dedication to the system.  Pattaya, from performing with you at your first official booking as Miss America to shooting with you at your photo shoot with Tios Photography, I saw the future of our engagement and look forward to a wonderful year with you.

At Miss Gay America, it was nonstop action from the time I landed til the moment I got on the plane to return home.  Beyond meeting and greeting all of my America family, one of the highlights was visiting Food Outreach of St Louis.  One of the things that sets the America system apart is our work in the community.  This was one of the greatest incentives of bringing me out of retirement to compete for the system.  Helping clean, prepare and store food for those who help those in need in the St Louis area gave my heart joy.  To do that with my America family and all of the contestants reaffirmed my delighted choice to compete and now be apart of the America family.  

The pageant was very invigorating.  All of the contestants brought their A-game and it was a nail biter til the winner was announced.  I would like to congratulate FiFi Dubois, Truly Fabu, and Ivy Dripp on their placements.  While I didn't know all of you before the competition, I promise your name and talents now have a permanent spot in my memory.  I intentionally left out the songbird and 1st alternate, Dextaci.  I have a special love for you as our talents are very similar.  Yet, this was my first time seeing your character and I fell in love with you all over again.  Never give up on your dreams and I predict Miss Gay America in your future.  Finally, but certainly not least, I want to congratulate Andora Tetee on a successful reign.  We spent little time bonding, but the time we did spend was magical and I thank you for loving me for me.

I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary at Mr Gay USofA this month and cannot wait to see who will join the brotherhood.  It is Mr. Gay USofA and Continental that have prepared me for the reign I am experiencing as Mr Gay America and I am eternally grateful to my other pageant families.  See you all there October 14-18 in Dallas, TX.

Many have heard of my Project 20/40 in 2020 and asked what it is.  I promised Mike and Rob that I would have at least 20 prelims with 40 qualified contestants next year.  With much enthusiasm from promoters, quality contestants, and the forever brotherhood, we are well on our way to this goal and possibly superseding it.  This is only done with tireless hours of dedication and help from my family.  I am so happy Mike and Rob have my back on this project.  The only thing they asked is that it be dedicated promoters and quality contestants; just not numbers.  I was happy to tell them that is the only way I know to bring it. Finally, I would like to put your anticipations to rest and announce that Mr Gay America 2020 will be in Dallas, TX August 12-14, 2020.  Reserve your vacation time now and make sure you are in attendance for this spectacular experience!  

Next up in the world of America, Mr Gay Great Lakes America, December 1, 2019 in Akron, OH.

Simba's Roar
October 2019

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