Good Morning America! If you’re reading this, this is my third entry in Judas’ Journal. A little late start with getting this entry written down because of all the preparation I was going through to have everything together for Miss Gay America that happened just 1 week ago. This entry was suppose to be about my daily life as Mr. Gay America but Im going to stray away from that topic.  Rewinding back to about the middle of September… I had begun trying to finalize all of my looks and lines and making sure all of my ducks were in a row so that I was ready to take on such an emotional week! 


Having said that… Id like to dedicate this entry to someone who in such a short period of time changed my life and I can honestly say that for the rest of his life, “You’ve gotta friend in me!” Winning this past July I had the opportunity to reign with an extraordinary queen… many of you know her as Miss Gay America 2018 Deva Station. Before my America journey began, I had only heard the name Deva Station and I had kept up with her and a few others as they fought for the title of Miss Gay America. It wasn’t until my second attempt at Mr when our relationship had started. I reached out to Deva about possibly being in my Toy Story talent because being the Miss… it would just be an added touch visually! She thankfully said yes and it only went up from there! I attended her first preliminary of the season at Hamburger Marys St. Louis to support her year in addition to study the national venue and do some homework. She then approached me and said one of her dancers could not make it and that she needed a stand-in for her opening and asked me if I could be of any help! Though not prepared… lol… I immediately said yes because it was the least I could do as she was so eager to be a part of my special night! She was so kind and grateful that I jumped in and did what I could… I knew there was something extremely special about her. 


Fast forward through the weeks… Deva and I kept in close contact making sure I explained everything that would be happening in my talent and made sure she understood her part etc.. She had the role of Barbie and did exceptional! I was so thankful that she agreed to be a part of my talent… little did I know that was just the start of something magical! After coming out victorious that night… I knew what 3 months Deva and I would spend together would be spectacular but never in a million years did I expect our relationship to develop into what it did in such a short period of time. 


They say certain friends enter your life for a season or for a reason… Deva Station has certainly entered my life for a reason on so many levels. In those short 3 months of our America reign, her and I had the opportunity to build a bond that Ill cherish forever. We attended multiple preliminaries together, had a magical Disney trip, I was right by her side at her number drawing for her contestants, numerous dinners, countless pictures taken… one would have thought her and I reigned for a full year! And even though all of those things will never be forgotten those don’t even come close to the stain she has left on my heart and the heart of others. 


Deva has an extraordinary gift in changing the lives of others and ensuring they have everything they need to make their lives easier, positive and loving. At each event I had the opportunity to be with her at… I watched in silence and at times was speechless that she would step out of her place to take care of every single person in the room before even worrying about a single thing that regarded herself… she always made me feel that no matter what was going wrong in our lives whether it be right or wrong… their is someone else out their who needs our help and encouragement so much more and it is up to us to stay positive no matter our circumstance and to help those around us and make them smile. I have traveled this country near and far… and NEVER have I encountered someone who would give the hair off their head, the dress off their back, the lashes off their eyes or just a simple compliment to those in need the way she would and did. AND never even hesitated the thought… it just came so natural to her! 


I want to tell you all a story… I had the pleasure to witness, to show you just how special Deva Station is. Her and I had the opportunity to visit the Children’s Hospital during the week of Miss Gay America… Im literally in tears thinking about it… We had the distinct honor to have met a boy in the lobby with his mother. His name was Oliver. We walked up to Oliver and spoke to him quietly but he never said a word… his mother spoke up and said to us, “This is Oliver. He likes glitter, he likes the color pink and he likes to wear dresses.” Deva turned around, looked at me and we instantly wanted to drown in our tears… but not sad tears, tears of joy and acceptance because the tone of the mothers voice was so loving and accepting of her son and in telling us… who were complete strangers… those special qualities about her son. During their conversation Oliver noticed Deva’s Miss Gay America ring on her finger.. it was like nothing he’s ever seen before Im sure… he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. Deva asked if he liked it and wanted to hold it… and immediately took her ring off placed it on his finger and said, “i hope you like it because its now yours.” That gesture meant the world to him and really shows Devas character. She is definitely someone who I strive to be and look up to. 


You don’t normally find people in this world who would do and give with every last breath in their body but Deva Station would. And after getting to know her the way I have, these past 3 months have changed my life for the better and I have learned so much that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I want to THANK her from the bottom of my heart for all you taught me and shared with me during our reign! I hope your step down was everything you wanted it to be and more and I know as hard as it was to pass on the crown… it was time for you to become a forever to teach and coach all those who will come after you! Just as you told me, you would always be in my corner cheering me on… I would like to say the same to you! I love you always and forever my Miss Gay America 2018! 


AND A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the new Miss Gay America 2019 ANDORA TE’TEE! Im so excited to see where this year takes us and the bond and friendship you and I will create during our journey! <3 


Until next time… Good night America! 


-  Judas Elliot

       Mr. Gay America 2018

Judas' Journal
October 2018

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