Hello America!  

It's been another eventful and productive month during my reign.  I am officially in quarter two of my reign and all that I have planned to produce is on track. As I've shared with many, reigning may be arduous at times, but the rewards of cultivating are priceless.  What humbles me is the appreciation and recognition I receive from contestants, promoters, family and followers. I entered the field of pageantry two decades ago to make a difference and be a positive light within our community. And while at times that may seem challenging given the culture of social media, I'm no less committed to the journey. 

First stop after an invigorating Miss Gay America weekend was Mr. Gay USofA and Mr. Gay USofA At Large held in Dallas, TX.  I am very excited for one of my America brothers as he captured the title of Mr. Gay USofA At Large, La'Darius Mirage Jackson.  He has competed both times I competed for Gay America and he was looking forward to coming back.  We talked about his dream of being able to complete what he started several years ago at USofA.  I enthusiastically gave my blessing as I know how it feels to follow your dreams.  It was proven that this was his time and I am excited to see how he will make his impression on the system.  It was my ten year anniversary as Mr. Gay USofA and I couldn't be any prouder that my son Roman Tajoure was victorious.  I can remember me moving to Vegas six years ago and this little skinny boy reaching out to me saying he knew who I was and was into pageants as well.  From the first time I met him, I saw the potential he had and took the task of grooming him in the industry.  I have watched him grow leaps and bounds and see him as our future in male lead entertainment.  Not only did he prepare for the win but we prepared him for the reign and I have no doubt he will be successful. I also was pleased to see Catrevion, Ky'ron, Noah and Danteil make USofA one of the hardest years to judge to date!  We all on the judge's panel were scratching our heads after every category.  Job well done gentlemen!  And with commitment and dedication, I predict one of you will be crowned next year.

I then attended Mr and Miss Black Universe in Atlanta, GA.  Although I have never competed on this stage, I always feel like I am going to a family reunion because I am family with all the formers.  Please know, they never disappoint and this year was NOT an exception.   Desiree DeMornay and Lovell Babyface Houston had a lovely opening and the formers slayed us with their looks of fashion.  If you have never experienced watching this well established pageant in our community, I implore you to make yourself available to be in Atlanta always at the end of October.  You will not be disappointed.  A huge congratulations to Mr D. Andrews St James and Miss April Chanel as your attention to details and knowing the system set you apart from presentation to crowning.  Very proud of you both.  And Dee, welcome to the National Brotherhood as you make a great addition.

I am one to publicly acknowledge those who have made a difference in my life.  There is a group of people who I feel are over worked and under appreciated in our community and it is high time for us to commend them for what they continue to do to help us thrive in the field of pageantry.  Therefore, I implore all to help me officially make November, Pageant Promoters Month.  As the representative of Mr Gay America, I will be highlighting promoters within the Gay America system all month and believe all my fellow brothers of neighboring National systems will be doing the same.  This is the least we can do to say "thank you" for all the promoters do.

Next up will be a good one, Mr Gay Great Lakes America in Akron, OH, December 1, 2019.  

Simba's Roar
November 2019

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