May 2019

Good Morning America! 


Can you believe its already May of 2019! Im not entirely too sure where my year as Mr. Gay America went! Were just about 2 months away from the national competition scheduled for July 6-7 at Hamburger Marys St. Louis! 


The month of April was quite eventful for me. On top of preparing things for my step down and my weekly shows preliminaries started back up this month. First one being Mr. Gay Louisiana America and just last weekend was Mr. Gay Arizona America. Both preliminaries were exceptional and the gentlemen who entered all did an amazing job at showcasing their talents! 


First off, lets start with Mr. Gay Louisiana America. I had the opportunity to travel to Monroe LA a few months ago for Mardi Gras and had an absolute blast at Club Pink! So I was really excited to make my return here for this preliminary! I had an early flight the day of the preliminary so didn’t get much sleep which doesn’t really phase me much anymore! Lol When I arrived the weather was beautiful and I was greeted by Taylor Made Mr. Gay Louisiana America 2019. We left the airport to meet up with Leo Black the promoter of the preliminary for lunch and there after we were headed to be bar for registration. When I walked in I was blown away at the decor of the bar… it literally looked like a grungy, dirty apocalyptic dead zone! Which was perfect because the theme was Apocalypse! They did a fantastic job paying attention to detail! While registration began, 3 talented gentlemen came to compete for Mr. Gay Louisiana America, Eros Sea, B Reid Ingham and Austin Mckinley! I had the opportunity to sit in on their interview all which were great and I could really tell they enjoyed being a performer and were all really excited to be a part of the event that day! 


Fast forward to that night… the contest begin with a great crowd in attendance! They definitely enjoyed themselves because all the contestants brought all their friends to support them and it was clearly evident! They each were so unique in what they presented on stage I wasn’t sure which was it was going to go… those competitions are always the best! Once all the categories had been completed, the results were in and the new Mr. Gay Louisiana America was Eros Sea and 1st alternate B Reid Ingham! Congratulations to both of you and Im very excited to see what you guys bring to nationals! 


The second preliminary we had this month was Mr. Gay Arizona America in Phoenix! Did I mention I rarely sleep whenever I attend these functions… lol I had a long night before this flight so I chose not to sleep for the hr I had before having to go to the airport which made for a VERY long day! But nonetheless when I arrived to Phoenix the weather was great and Edward and I went and had breakfast and was joined by Mr. Gay Arizona America Geo Johnson. Once we wrapped up breakfast we went to the bar where registration was shortly taking place. We had a great turnout here… 4 gentlemen showed up to compete that evening! La’Darious Jackson, August Edwards, Meiko Parton (all who competed last year with myself) and Cruz Daniels! 


These 4 gentlemen had outstanding interviews and I could really tell they were hungry for the win. Once this pageant started I knew it was going to be a great competition with all that I saw they were bringing. Again, after watching all the categories I had no clue who was going to come out victorious. We had an early preliminary and the crowd that showed up thoroughly enjoyed the boys and what they displayed on stage! I was blown away! And the event itself was professionally ran and quick I might add! Once we finished the competition, La’darious Jackson ended up being crowned Mr. Gay Arizona America while August Edwards was awarded 1st alternate. These two gentlemen will definitely represent Arizona well at nationals and I cant wait to see what they come up! Congratulations to you two gentlemen! 


Back tracking just a little bit… I also had the opportunity to attend Miss Gay Maryland America to support Andora at one of her preliminaries! It was quite an honor to have been asked to be a part of this amazing event! I had heard all about Miss Gay Maryland and attending was quite an experience! The venue was beautiful and the contestants definitely brought their A game! I had the opportunity to escort all the ladies out in gown! All and all this preliminary was a lot of fun and had an outstanding and supportive legacy of former Miss Gay Maryland Americas! 


As you can see April was eventful for America and myself but getting down to the nitty gritty events are going to be happening left and right. Both Mr and Miss Gay America are now in their preliminary prime season because in July a new Mr will be crowned and shortly after in October we will have a new Miss Gay America. The year definitely flies by but you truly have the time of your life! 


Until next time…. Good night America! 


- Judas 

Judas' Journal
May 2019

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