May 2018
Kyle's Korner
May 2018

Kyle’s Corner: May 2018

Heros, Villains, and Fairytales is the theme for the presentation category for Mr. Gay America. Many have asked me “why” did I select this. When I look at my history as the current reigning Mr. Gay America it represents so much to me.

Heros: The first time I competed at MGA was in 1994 in St. Louis Missouri. As I’ve been competing in dance competitions for a very long time this was my first big national pageant in the gay arena. Furthermore, the final night was on my 25th birthday which made it very weird but somewhat special. During my time competing there were so many men who are older and much more put together. They truly showed me that they are heroes in our community. They were handsome, talented, well spoken, and true leaders in our community. I feel that we need to honor and feature more of the heroes that we call our friends and colleagues.

Villians: in the contest arena, these individuals are not bad or evil at their core. Sometimes a person image they put on when competing is not the same person outside of competition. We all know in competition there are individuals who are not the nicest and most accommodating at times. However, they are fierce competitors. There are many who put on blinders don’t look at those around them and press forward trying to attain a victory. These competitors are not to be overlooked and in some cases admired for their focus and directness towards winning the title.

Fairytales: For all of us that compete in a competition, we all dream of holding a top-tier national title. Regardless of the system in many cases, it consumes our mind on a daily basis. We all have a vision of the fairytale of hearing our name called out as the winner. Even though I’ve won five other national titles; America is where I start and it’s a dream come true. This fairytale became my reality.

During the national finals at Mary’s restaurant and entertainment complex, the national competitors will be presenting their best version of this theme. I look forward to seeing their originality and creativity gracing the stage heading towards victory.

The month of April started with a bang. First up was Mr. Gay Pennsylvania America. Much thanks to Jeremy Clayton for putting on an amazing contest. The contestants brought they're “A” game as the theme of the competition was “Take the runway”. After performing in the opening number the contestants came out in their best runway fashion. Everything from black Gothic to animal print to Tropic attire to hip-hop, the contestants really shows their originality. After all the other categories and tabulations were done your new Mr. Gay Pennsylvania is Gary Ariel Washington proudly from New York City. His first alternate is Patrick Turner Lee coming to us from Washington DC. We wish both of them the best of luck at the national finals.

After the crowning of Mr. Gay Pennsylvania, hours later, heading down I-95 to perform and participate at the Miss Gay Maryland pageant. It was an amazing event. I had the opportunity to perform and escort all of the contestants in evening gown competition. Most importantly, I was there to support my best friend for 23 years, Dartanyan Johnson better known as Eva Couture. Your reigning Miss Gay Maryland America. It was very special to share her step down moments with her.

With only a few days rest I’m back on an airplane heading to the West Coast for Mr. Gay Arizona America. Much thanks to Daniel Eckstrom for producing such a professional event. What was also exciting is that Mr. Gay Arizona was paired with Miss Gay Western States America. So it was a preliminary for Mister as well as Miss Gay America. I had the honor and pleasure of working with my other symbol of excellence Deva Station the reigning Miss Gay America. When the evening was done the outstanding performance of Mr. Geo Johnson captured the title. Being from Phoenix he will represent his state well.

Closing out the month of April was a fantastic show I was invited to perform in Atlanta, Georgia. “Let’s hear it for the boys” which began as a male review show turned into something much more special. When you look at the rosters performers so many current national title holders were on the lineup. It was very special to grace the stage with the reigning title holders from Mr. Entertainer of the year, Mr. Continental, and Mr. USofA with many others. A big shout out to Christopher Johnson and Archie Bonet for creating a national stage to highlight the best of the very best of male performers of our craft and industry.

Ending the month of April is nerve-racking. I only have a few weeks I get on the airplane to take a 22-hour plane ride to South Africa. Looking very forward to representing all of us at the international Mr. Gay World competition. I’ve been preparing for the past six months and I truly feel ready for prime time. I feel very blessed and highly favored that Mad Angel Entertainment has allowed me to partake in this life-changing event. Much thanks to all of my family, friends, and sponsors for making this a reality. I look forward to sharing this journey with you in the next edition of Kyle's corner.



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Kyle Ean 

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