MARCH 2019

Good Morning America! Welcome to the third entry of Judas’ Journal for 2019! What a fantastic month of February it was! Celebrated Mardi Gras in Monroe, true Louisiana style, released my official logo for my sewing business, visited my old stomping grounds in Lexington KY and Dayton Ohio and almost all the Mr. Gay America Preliminary posters have been designed and posted! Needless to say it was a very eventful month! 

    Rewinding to the middle of February… I had an absolute blast in Monroe LA where I was invited to attend their Mardi Gras celebration! I have never celebrated Mardi Gras before but they whipped me right into shape with their traditions and festivities! It was quite cold but no one faltered!! They start pregaming at the bar with loads of food, we had a day show with myself and some cast members of Pink… after that leads up to the extreme Mardi Gras parade which was fantastic! There were so many beads being thrown of all shapes and sizes and the floats were incredible! I believe someone told me some of the float sponsor spend up to around $10000 on beads and supplies for their float! They are serious in LA when it comes to Mardi Gras! It was such a fun experience and I was so glad I was able to attend and represent MGA! I cant wait to return to Club Pink on April 20th for Mr. Gay Louisiana America! Be sure and come support this event if you’re in the area! 

    Shorting after returning home from this event, my business logo that I had created was finally complete and I was able to release it to the public which got some amazing reviews! A little back story… I have been sewing for about 5 years now and it has been something I enjoyed doing for quite sometime! I loved art in high school so I have kinda triggered my skills in art to more of a fashion/design route! These past few months my skill level increased as did my clientele! I thought to myself if people really like and are impressed with some things I have been making or made, maybe I should take things one step further! So this year, one of my resolutions was to start my own business which the first step was completed just a few weeks ago! The release of my business logo which is, “sewXcited: designs by Judas.” I came up with this name because every time I would sew for someone their reply would always be, “Im so excited….” So it only took a few times seeing that same reply from various amounts of people did I come up with the name… just seemed to fit perfectly! I cant wait to see where this takes off because in the short amount of time I released the logo… my to do list or to make list I should say has grown 10x the amount then what it normally would be! 

    Another exciting weekend I just recently has was re visiting my old stomping grounds in Lexington KY and Dayton OH! Last weekend was the Mr & Miss MJ’s pageant that I attended because I am actually a former Mr. MJ’s! It was one of the best titles I have ever won and represented! The atmosphere and staff at MJ’s is incredible! I missed last year because of my preparations for Mr. Gay America but I managed to make it this year which was great seeing everyone again… it had been 2 years since I last visited Dayton! I also while up north, managed to visit Lexington which is where I lived for 2 years before moving to Florida! I had the chance to visit some old friends I use to work with which was so nice catching up and filling them in on everything I have been doing since I have moved from KY. And of course being up north would not have been complete without experiencing snow! I went from 85 degree weather down in Florida to 15 degree weather and snow up north… sadly as I made my way back to Florida I believe I brought the cold with me! Lol 

    That was a little bit of recap for February…. And march things are looking to be just as exciting! Were getting closer to the first Miss Gay America Prelim which is in NYC on March 19th with an amazing lineup! It will most assuredly be the event of the year the way things are shaping up! I cant believe were already in preliminary season for both Andora and I… Im sure she was already started but our step down preparations have already begun and are in full affect which is crazy to me! I feel as though her and I just won our titles and we’re already close to relinquishing the crown to someone else. 

    Be sure and stay tuned for Aprils entry of Judas Journal where Im sure to provide an amazing recap of the month March! Until next time… Good Night America! 

Judas Elliot 

Mr. Gay America 2018

Judas' Journal
March 2019

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