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March 2018

Kyle’s Corner: March 2018


I get up this morning feeling a little tired. As a national titleholder, you have days when you are ready to hit the ground running and others when you just can’t get out of bed. Today is one of those days. So, coffee is in order immediately. Some may have the misconception that being “national” is all glamour and fun. 

I am blessed to say my reign has been 80% amazing and 20% challenges. How you address and handle the challenges really shows the world your strength and character. I would like to share for future national titleholder’s challenges to expect. 

  • “You are under the microscope”: When you are a role model and celebrity in the community everyone watches what you wear, the music you perform, and what you post on social media. You are not allowed to have an off or regular moment. There is an expectation of perfection that does not exist. 

  • “Lack of Organization of others”: I am fortunate that the MGA organization is highly organized. However, I have learned that everyone does not hold themselves to the same standards. During your year you will deal with many levels of planning and organization. As I am “anal” about all things structure, I have learned that promoters and show directors are sacrificing time, energy and money in support of you and the system. So, I have learned patience and to continue appreciating all that they do. 

  • “Social Media”: As I am a believer that your personal life is separate than your life as a Titleholder, that is no longer the reality. By nature, I am not a humorous person. This has gotten me in trouble a few times through my career. As my humor sometimes is dry and not natural. I will post something I find funny and it is not taken that way. As my social media is my page, opinions, and thoughts; to the general public, you are posting as a titleholder for the system that you represent. Lesson learned, take a pause and think on all social media postings. 

The month of February marks the 50% mark of my year of service to our community and MGA. I have for the past couple of days reflected on what I have accomplished. Like in campaigning in politics, you have ideas and desires to do certain things and once elected, you realize that other priorities take center stage that must be addressed. It is the same when capturing your national title. As I address the building of MGA every day and promoting nationally, I am now thinking of my “Legacy”. How I will be remembered years from now. 

Mr. Gay West Coast America was held in the sunny and warm Phoenix, Arizona. It was a weekend of fun and Pageantry Competition. The theme of the contest was the “Wild, Wild, West”. I was so excited. I got to wear my fire engine red denim outfit with way too tight pants and sequence cowboy boots. I felt very fabulous and “Village People” gay. The gentlemen competing was handsome, talented and prepared. Talent competition ranged from lyrical/hip hop dance, country vocal performance and a Little Rascals spin-off. Red Carper attire was a variety of classic tux to sheer shirts, shiny blazer, and unique accessories. No one held back with their personal style. When the scores completed, we were proud to congratulate from Houston, Texas, Scott Chalaire as your new Mr. Gay West Coast America 2018. His first alternate coming to us from Seattle, Washington, Meiko Parton. Both of these amazing men will compete at the national finals in St. Louis, Missouri, July 1, 2018. 


As you all know, as Mr. Gay America I have been given the opportunity to compete in the Mr. Gay World Contest. As things are gearing up I have had some impactful opportunities. First, I had a radio interview on GaySA Radio in South Africa. I had the opportunity to talk about the United States and the issues in our gay community. Of course, they asked me about Donald Trump. As I did not go on my normal tirade about him, the one point I got across is that one of the things that make America great is that a man with his issues can be elected president. Democracy at work. Secondly, I started meeting national winners who I will have the honor to compete with. Meeting the caliber of these gentlemen who are national winners in their own right, I have learned so much. Every country has their own way of selecting their national winners, but mostly Learn that there is so much work to be done with the issue of “equality” around the world. I do believe that America is at the forefront of that. But sadly, during my year I have seen posts and received emails and comments that have been anti-gay and insulting. As I have the courage to run towards a fire than away from it, I take this head on and will use my position as America’s representative to continue to promote equality around the world. 

As we are ending Winter and heading into Spring, the MGA contest season is about to start gearing up. Gentlemen, I hope you are preparing as things are moving quickly. In March and April: Mr. Gay New York, Mr. Gay Louisiana, Mr. Gay Pennsylvania, and Mr. Gay Arizona. To all the of the promoters of these preliminary contest, we are honored and give you many thanks for continuing to support Male Lead Competitors and MGA. 

Mr. Gay America has given me the opportunity to step out of the box but always allow me to maintain who I am. During my last 6 months, I promise to continue to display excellence, compassion, professionalism and most importantly openness to all. I feel blessed and highly favored and will always strive to represent us to the highest. 


Much Love and Respect

Your Mr. Gay America 2017

Kyle Ean Haggerty

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PatrickMiKyles - Texas
Top Ten: Mr. Gay America
8thRunner up

1. Question: At the national contest you and I did not get to know each other too well and hang out. Now that it is over, I am asking you to take me out for a good time in Texas, where are you taking me other than a nightclub?
A). We would definitely hit up my favorite burger place here, Rodeo Goat Ice House. The gourmet burgers and signature drinks there are amazing and it’s a very chill and relaxed environment.
2. Question: As a national male lead entertainer and competitor the general public has there own perception of you. How do you think you are perceived, and what is the truth?
A). I think I am perceived and hardworking and sometimes in your face. When in reality the truth is yes, I am hardworking. One of the hardest working male leads in the nation. I am constantly evolving. I am not so much in your face as just confident in myself and my craft. So some may take that as intimidation but I am always very approachable and willing to help those who help themselves.
3. Question: If you can go back in time and change one thing in your competition career, what would it be, how would you change it and why?
A). I am always a strong believer that things happen for a reason and timing is everything. However, to answer your question. I would say the only thing I would change is my mentality about competition in the fact that you don’t need to win your preliminary contest in order to win the state or national contest. I have proven myself, as well as many before me that all you need to focus on is the ticket to the big game. Show up and show out!
4. Question: What advice would you give to me, to be a great Mr. Gay America?
A). You already possess everything needed and continue to prove that. Never lose sight of who you are as a person and make sure that translates well on stage. Always remember that you have nothing to prove to anyone. Head high and smile on, confidently as Mr. Gay America .... Kyle.

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