January 2019

Good Morning America! As I sit here and write this journal entry, it just hit me that this marks my 6th installment of Judas’ Journal… translation… half my year as Mr. Gay America has already passed! Im not sure where these last 6 months have gone but they have been nothing short of amazing!  With all the places I have been able to visit and the familiar and new faces I have seen are all memories I will cherish for a lifetime! And for that I thank you! 


Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and did something exciting to bring in the New Year! I had a great holiday and long break from “work” which is always nice! I was able to to travel home to Maryland for the holidays and even had some time to venture up to New York and spend some time yet again with my partner in crime, Miss Gay America! We have a lot planned for Gay America in 2019 and were both so excited to see what the year brings! With that being said the new year is always the start to “pageant season!” Mr. Gay America got a running start when I was crowned in July with 3 scheduled preliminaries all within a month of winning! Now that my first half of the year is complete, preliminary season has officially begun and I cant wait to see all the talented gentlemen who are interested in the Gay America system come out and showcase their individuality and competitiveness! It is one of the many things I look forward to as a reigning titleholder seeing seasoned and up and coming performers work towards a goal of theirs! 


As stated before Mr. Gay Texas America, Mr. Gay Oklahoma America and Mr. Gay Midwest America have already taken place all which have talented representatives going to nationals in July! Be sure and wish them all the best of luck as the prepare for nationals! =) Preliminaries that are coming up this year so far are, Mr. Gay Arizona America, Mr. Gay New York America, Mr. Gay Louisiana America, Mr. Gay Southeast America, Mr. Gay Pennsylvania America and just recently added Mr. Gay Florida America! With a few more in the works, I am hoping for a larger variety of preliminaries offered throughout the US to give boys a chance to qualify where ever it is that they live! If anyone is interested in joining the Gay America family whether it be promoter, contestant or simply just a supporter wishing to know more about our system please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself, Andora Te’tee, Mike Dutzer or Rob Mansman! We also have an extensive amount of informative formers who know the America system inside and out as well as our promoters who work extremely hard to help build not only our system but helping their representatives out in their national preparations! 


For those who may not know, I made the decision to compete for Mr. Gay America in 2017… this was the revival year of the Mr. division because it had previously been on a long break from taking place!  Even though I was not successful in 2017, I knew I wanted to one day become Mr. Gay America because I was so intrigued with helping it grow and putting my mark on something so new and fresh but at the same time something that already had a solid foundation to build upon! Another thing that caught my attention was the learning experience on how different Male pageantry has changed from then and now! Seeing what the main focus was on the gentlemen back that is quite different then what I feel is viewed upon us now! The world of competitors, drag and pageants have changed quite a bit and joining this system has opened my eyes to just how much they have changed! Specifically with male pageantry, our division has surfaced so much more and I couldn’t be more happy at the outcome because as everyone is well aware of the art of female impersonation, we males have a talent of our own that we want to share with our audience. Over these last 8 years of performing I have seen a MAJOR change in how we male performers are perceived on stage! It is much more common to see males along side female impersonators in nightly shows… in addition to femme queens, drag kings, club kid and everything in between! To me, art is art and however you choose to express yourself should be accepting where ever you go! I feel as though no matter how we choose to express ourselves, we can always learn something from someone else… that is what will always keep our entertainment value fresh and our look polished. In my opinion one can never stop growing… life is and will always be a constant learning experience! 


As I wrap this journal entry up, I wish everyone a great rest of the month and hope you have a strong will power to stick to those new year resolutions! I think Ive already caved on one of mine! Lol 


Until next time, good night America! 


Judas Elliot

Mr. Gay America 2018

Judas' Journal
January 2019

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