January 2018
Kyle's Korner
January 2018

Kyle’s Korner
January Newsletter

As I sit here on Christmas Day typing my thoughts for this newsletter, I realized how many pre-Christmas gifts that I have received as your Mr. Gay America. Of course, my prize package, the travel, and the notoriety are amazing. But the true blessing is renewing old friendships and creating new ones. As I have been competing and performing as a male entertainer for the past twenty-five years, it is very common to lose contact with many you once called friends. It has been amazing to rekindle friendships of those I have not seen in over ten years, to catch up on where they are now and of course getting teased about the silly things I was doing in my young foolish years. My month of December began with my “Titleholder Retreat”
My Mr. Gay America titleholder retreat was a huge success. It was two and a half days of fun, business and lots of knowledge. As I am always about “business”; one of my BFF Lewis Nickelson said to me “Kyle
Ean... please this time HAVE FUN while reigning” As I just started my fifth month of being Mr. Gay America, Lewis, I am following instructions. To say that the weekend was fun, wonderful and amazing would be an understatement.

As day one of this trip was more relaxing than day two was filled with a very long meeting of knowledge, procedures, strategic planning, production plans for Mr. Gay America 2018. Brain overload is an understatement. As so much got done, there is still so much to do. After our long meeting, we went to a great Italian restaurant. After dinner, we watch the Key West Christmas parade, that was lots of fun. Afterwards saw a Cabaret Show with “America’s Got Talent” - Randy Roberts. She is the most amazing live singing female impersonator I have ever seen. Her live vocals were very authentic to the characters she portrayed as my mouth was open during her entire show of shock and impressment. What was also cool is that this young server wouldn’t stop flirting with me the entire evening. LOL. The highlight of this evening was Randy Roberts introduced me to the audience as your Mr. Gay America. I was shocked, humbled and surprised. As I am reflecting on my months and this weekend, what was the most special to me was getting to know on a personal level my advisors Antwan & Aron (Catia & Asia) and Michael & Rob my national directors. I am grateful for all that you have done and all that you will do to make sure I am a success.
Two weeks later I am on a plane to Dallas for the Mr. Gay Texas Contest. The boys came to battle at this event. The level of costumes and entertainment level was very high and each contestant put their best foot forward. What was the most impressive thing being that each gentleman had a high-level interview that was national ready. From my arrival to crowning lead my state director Kristian Martinez of KC Productions was top notch. The show ran smoothly, staff was courteous, and I was treated like a King. After all the pomp and circumstance has concluded your new Mr. Gay Texas and on his way to Mr. Gay America is August Edwards. His interview was excellent, his lyrical dance was beautifully done and very stylish in Red Carpet Presentation. Also, congratulations to his first alternate, LaDarius Jackson. Your talent win was well deserved and looking forward to seeing you burn the dance floor at the national finals.

I spend the end of the month with my family for the Christmas Holiday. My mother flew in from Chicago, and as a former beauty queen herself, we always have so much to chat about and of course, she gives me the “side eye” when I talk to her about my reign: “Kyle, are you done yet??”. My older brother is six years older than me. We have nothing in common, we are extremely different and when I chat with him about MGA he makes a bad attempt at pretending to understand; “Kyle, you have been competing and winning since birth, why should I be impressed?”. But with all of that, I know they are proud of this achieve and love me very much.
As I begin this new year; we are about to head into the busy seasons of state and regional competitions, community services and many other obligations with my title. I take these challenges head-on with the vigor of making a difference, “having fun” and continuing to be a leader in our community.

Happy New Year,
Your Mr. Gay America 2017

Contestant Highlight
Hobie Watts - 6th Alternate Mr Gay America 2017
January 2018

Contestant Profile
Hobie Watts
Top Ten Finalist: Mr. Gay America 2017

Question: You were voted Mr. Congeniality at this year’s national contest for being a very likable, friendly and just a “cutie”. Please share with us one of your pet peeves that would make you not as “Congenial”?
Answer: Well I would honestly have to say I really don’t have any pet peeves, I’m just a totally easing going and it takes a lot to ever get on my nerves. But the one small pet peeve I have is for someone to text me saying “K”.

Question: We are in the BOY version of RuPaul’s Drag Race. You and I must “Lip Sync for your Life”. What song will we perform and who will win??
Answer: We would ABSOLUTELY be performing “sorry not sorry” by Demi Lovato! I would win simply because that is my everyday jam that makes me ready to take on the world, I pretty much lip sync and dance to that in the shower every chance I get!

Question: Mardi Gras is one of the biggest events in your home state of Louisiana. If I was to come visit you during that time; tell me where you will take me and what activities we will partake? Our secret, I promise not to tell anyone.
Answer: Well with Mardi Gras our biggest party, I would absolutely take you to New Orleans to put on our party shoes! We would, of course, have to get a hand grenade to drink (you just don’t come to New Orleans without having one) and then we would hit all the major parade routes and catch beads till our arms fall off!

Question: What advice would you give me to be the best Mr. Gay America possible?
Answer: The advice I give to you is, simply be yourself. Always follow your true roots and listen to your heart! Have courage, be kind, remain humble ❤️

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