Established in 1983 the Mr Gay America Evolution

The Mr. Gay All-American Contest was founded by Norma Kristie, Inc. in 1983 by the operators of Miss Gay America, Norman Jones and Carmel Santiago (Lady Baronessa, Miss Gay America 1974). The MGAA Contest was started to provide a venue for gay men to showcase their intellect, community service, and talent. It launched careers in professional entertainment for many young gay men. MGAA was the first contest of its kind, and its winner was considered to be the co-titleholder to Miss Gay America.

In 1995, Jones sold the Mr. Gay All-American Contest to Gib Hauersperger, who had been the contest director since the death of Carmel Santiago. Hauersperger operated the pageant until his retirement in 1999. Paul Lopez (Mr. Gay All-American 2000) operated the contest from 1999 to 2003, when Richard Greer (Mr. Gay All-American 1999) assumed the directorial role. John Beebe (Mr. Gay All-American 1996) succeeded Greer as director. In 2009, Beebe and Hauersperger announced that the Mr. Gay All-American Contest system would cease operations indefinitely.

In 2016 Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman of Mad Angel Entertainment purchased the Miss Gay America pageant.  After completing their first national pageant they decided to introduce Mr. Gay America, bringing back the traditions and history of the Mr. Gay All-American contest under the direction of Antwan Lee.   They will continue to honor the former titleholders as part of the America family.   For a list of former Mr Gay Americas click here.  

On July 2, 2017 ten contestants who were decided by a first come first serve application in January competed at the Rose Room in Dallas, Texas for the title of Mr Gay America.  Kyle Haggerty Won the Title of Mr Gay America 2017, and Judas Elliot was First Alternate.  

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