Good Morning America! Welcome to the second month of 2019! I feel as though January flew by! Hopefully you all had a great start to the new year and was able to do something exciting! I managed to take some time away from home and went to Las Vegas for a few days with Kat Kelly where we went and saw Lady Gaga’s Enigma Residency, which was outstanding. Believe it or not while we were out in Vegas on New Years Eve is flurried a bit. Didn’t think it ever snowed out in the desert but it certainly was cold enough! Needless to say my start of 2019 was one Ill always remember! 

    As February begins, this month isn’t as eventful as the last but I have some pretty exciting news to release towards the end of the month that I have been working on for quite sometime now. Im definitely so excited to see how it takes off so be sure to stay tuned for that! Also, this month I will be visiting Monroe LA for the first time to celebrate Mardi Gras! I have never celebrated Mardi Gras and I hear Monroe parties like New Orleans! Being Mr. Gay America has so many perks such as this one… I have never even been to Louisiana but representing the MGA system I was invited to be a part of their huge weekend festival which is quite an honor! It is definitely one of my favorite things, being able to travel to places Ive never been before to meet new people or to see some familiar faces and learn more about what goes on in their home town! I will actually be returning to Monroe later on in the year, April 20th to be exact for Mr. Gay Louisiana America! Im hoping I can survive the first round to make it to this event! Lol 

    Speaking of Mr. Gay Louisiana America, preliminary season for Mr. Gay America is approaching quickly as well as preliminary season for Miss Gay America, Andora Tetee! We have the first Miss Gay America prelim next month in New York City for Miss Gay New York America!  This is for sure an event you do not want to miss… so many formers and MGA supporters will be in attendance on March 19th! The promoter Thomas John definitely outdid himself with putting together such a spectacular lineup for Andora’s step-down as Miss Gay New York! 

 The first prelim of the year for Mr. Gay America is taking place April 12th in Pennsylvania for Mr. Gay Pennsylvania America! The theme is 50 shades of camo and have spoken to some very talented gentlemen thus far who have shown interest in competing! Also, the next day we have another MGA event which is Miss Gay Maryland America! I am honored that I was invited to come and be a part of this event since Maryland is actually where I am from! And to complete the weekend Andora and myself are booked Sunday for Sue Nami’s drag brunch, so the weekend is completely full of America events!! Be sure and come out and support if you’re in the area! 

    I hope you all enjoy the rest of this month and as always, stay tuned for next months entry of Judas’ Journal! Until next time, Good Night America!


Judas Elliot

Mr. Gay America 2018

Judas' Journal
February 2019

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