February 2018
Kyle's Korner
February 2018

Kyle’s Korner

February 2018

In the USA it is 
7:30 PM and 8:30 AM in Beijing, China. I am currently 41,000 feet in the air, 3200 miles away from my destination, traveling at the ground speed of 538 miles per hours. Between being Mr. Gay America, Performing Arts Consultant, and the national director of Miss Globe United States, I do a lot of flying. You would think that I like it, not too much. I am always packed days before my trip, I print two copies of my itinerary, I double confirm all of my lodging and ground transportation, and always arrive at the airport 3 hours before my flight. To add insult to injury, I get very annoyed when there is a Dunkin Donuts instead of a Starbucks in my terminal. Needless to say, I am a travel Nazi.

What you may not know is outside of being a national titleholder I am also a national director. I have been the national director for the United States for Miss Globe for the past 3 years. My titleholder last year Mary Espiritu from Arizona won the World title last year. So, this year I am hoping my current titleholder Christina Denny from Washington, DC will do the same; as I am on my way to support her and play the pageant politics to try and come back with a “back to back” World title.

(Been on this plane 7 hours with 7 more to go....ugggggggg)
Speaking of World titles, in the month of January I had the honor of announcing I will be representing the United States at Mr. Gay World 2018. Mr. Gay America will be the official sanction event receiving an invitation each year for Mr. Gay America to compete with other international winners. As I have competed nationally and internationally in dance, to represent my country on the world pageant stage is a dream come true. The Mr. Gay World Contest is set up very different than what we are used to here in the USA. Many of the competition requirements and events happen before I arrive at the World Finals in South Africa. Social Media, Online Vote, and Contestant Campaign (Community Services) all have a point value and evaluated before my arrival. I will need the help and support of each of you to be successful in these areas of competition. As I always pride myself on being “stage ready”: pre-contest prep and organization will be key to bring the World Title to the United States.

(Wow... I had no idea we had to fly over the North Pole and Russia to get to China, love the TV monitors to watch our flight pattern)
Mad Angel Entertainment (the corporate entity of
Mr Gay America) had a hallmark achievement this past month. The grand opening of “Hamburger Marys’ Entertainment Complex. This will be the official location for Mr. and Miss Gay America. I am pleased to be the first to announce that Mr. Gay America will be held June 29th to July 1st at Hamburger Mary’s in St. Louis Missouri.

I am looking very forward to seeing all of the formers, and the contestants from around the country competing for my coveted title. I have been so amazed and impressed with the level of talent and intelligence of the contestants competing at preliminaries across the country. Looking forward to going to Arizona, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Missouri in the next two months.

It is with so much excitement to congratulate My’kel Knight Adams and your new Mr. Gay Southeast America, Judas Elliot. Both of these outstanding gentlemen will be competing at the 2018 Mr. Gay America Contest. Special thanks to Christopher Horton for producing a well-organized and smooth event. Your professionalism and caring soul really made my time with your organization fun and special. I feel blessed to have you part of the Mr. Gay America family.

As I am entering the 2nd half of my reign I feel I have so much to be thankful for. As nothing is perfect, there have been many personal and professional challenges this year. Those challenges have helped me grow as a person. I never thought at this point in my life that I will “still” be doing this. It is such a blessing to be able to have new life experiences, to stay in the moment and just stop and smell the roses. At times I feel sad as I know that I am now starting the end of this journey but looking forward with anticipation to making a new life-impacting experience. I meet this head on and hope to spend it all right here with you.
ForeverYour Mr. Gay America 2017


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