Hello America!  

This is the last official posting for 2019.  I don’t know about you, but this year has passed extremely fast.  Feels just like yesterday I was preparing to finish what I started in 2018 to become part of the America legacy.  With four preliminaries complete, a new co heart, fifteen prelims on the books and several more waiting on dates, I can officially say Mr America will go into 
the new decade on top of the game.  I would like to prophesy that 2020 will be the year all your visions come to life!  Whatever you have dreamed nonstop and no matter how you try to get away from it, it continues to come to your mind, it will manifest itself in 2020.

In total transparency, the shift in our community and cloud of negativity has made my job much harder than expected.  Yet, I have had dreams of my step-down even before I was named Mr Gay America 2020.  Those visions keep me going and frequent positivity is placed in my path to keep me energized.  Anyone remember Pac-Man?  You went through the maze cleaning up 
mess left behind.  There were four ghosts that didn’t wanna see you succeed and you were constantly avoiding them before they sucked the life out of you.  But every now and again there would be a recharge pellet that would give you super powers to put those negative ghosts back where they belong.  I feel that special pellet being delivered to many in 2020 who have fought the good fight.   So continue to do what is right because help is on the way.

I would like to thank the ones that have already qualified and preparing to grasp the torch starting August 12, 2020 in Dallas, TX.  Mr Gay Texas America – Michael Chiovonne and Dakota Whitney; Mr Gay Oklahoma America – King Laylo and Kyle Dunbar; Mr Gay Diamond America – August Edwards and Z’iel Dickerson.  I want to take this time to congratulate our two new additions, Mr Gay Great Lakes America – B Sharp and Gerald Paige!  They were extremely 
impressive and the passion to be not only Mr Gay Great Lakes but Mr Gay America was quite apparent.  These eight gentlemen all have extremely different and unique gifts.  Those who have competed and not fortunate to get your tickets yet, please don’t give up.  When one door is locked, try the next one as it may be the one in need of you.

Many have asked why I stay in the industry.  Pageantry is more than entertainment.  It is about 
changing lives, meeting those who need you, empowering your own character and depending on others for strength and rejuvenation.  No matter what is forming around us, I have a family in the America system who understand these changes and join me in the fight to stay the positive light 
throughout the community.  We are not perfect but we strive for perfection which make us the Symbols of Excellence.  Be safe this holiday season and know there is a community who loves you for YOU.  January is the calm before the storm; next prelim scheduled on the books is Mr Gay North Carolina America February 21, 2020.

Simba R.  Hall - Mr. Gay America 2019


Simba's Roar
December 2019

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