Good morning America! 


    First off I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! November was an eventful month for the Gay America system because Miss Gay America and I had our orientation weekend getaway in Key West! During this weekend it allowed us all to not only get to know each other on a personal level but to come together as a system and brainstorm and discuss ideas and events we have planned throughout our year! 

    Both Andora and I started out the orientation reading over our handbook from start to finish so we both know the do’s and don’ts of our system! We also went over various scenarios on how to handle certain situations throughout our reign! This is the first system I have been a part of that held such a informative weekend and I found it to be quite helpful and an extreme learning experience! In addition to the work aspect of orientation weekend, Andora and I had the opportunity to experience many fun perks with being the reigning symbols of excellence! We saw some amazing shows, enjoyed the Key West nightlife and took a boat to an island where we had a magnificent dinner! It was quite the “work hard play hard” weekend! 

    We also decided on dates and such for the upcoming year... I’m pleased to announce that Mr. Gay America 2019 will be July 6-7 at Hamburger Mary’s in St. Louis! My theme if you’re unaware is Realm: Battle of Excellence! And what might you ask does this mean? As the reigning king, at my step-down it will be my time to pass on the title to someone else who has proven themselves worthy of being the winner that weekend... so their presentation concept is up to them as to what they feel is worthy enough to “defeat” their other opponents and take my place! They can present themselves as a peasant, a knight, a dragon, a wizard... anything mid evil, magical or just someone ready for battle is acceptable! As for the formers who will be in attendance, they will present themselves as king of their “Realm,” and wear a crown of their choice that best represents them! 

    I can’t believe I am already in the works to planning my giveup weekend and everything in between... my year is almost half way gone and it’s seems just like yesterday that I won! Preliminary season isn’t far off and I am so excited to travel across the country and see what these talented gentlemen have in store for Mr. Gay America this year! I have been in close contact with many interested gentlemen and some of their ideas are definitely going to be worth coming to see! 

    For anyone whom I have not had the chance to speak to who may be interested in competing for Mr. Gay America PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out! Being Mr. Gay America these last 5 months have been nothing short of spectacular! Mike and Rob truly know how to treat a reigning symbol of their system and have been so gracious and understanding with everything it is that I do. America requires a lot of behind the scenes work but the benefits and perks that follow are definitely quite rewarding! Gentlemen you do not want to miss out on this fantastic year that could be in store for you! 

    I also want to take the time and wish you all a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! My next entry will be right after we bring in the New Year! I cant believe 2018 is almost up… I fell like I just said the same thing about 2017! Hopefully everyone has some great New Years resolutions and you all been good so you get that extra special gift on Christmas! 


Signing off for now… see you next year! 


Good night America! 


Judas Elliot

Mr. Gay America 2018

Judas' Journal
December 2018

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