With August officially in full swing, many productive things have transpired since I was fortunate enough to win as Mr. Gay America last month. In interview, I was asked a series of questions in which all were primarily 
around "why should we pick you as the next Mr. Gay America 2019?" My resounding response remained, "I am 
prepared for this on day one."  And with less than 30 days under my belt, I couldn't be more proud to see that in 
action.  Two prelims completed, one national walk executed, two new added preliminaries, designated America 
page up and running and countless conference calls with contestants, promoters and board members, this reign 
is shaping up to be one to remember.

I began on task with our Mr. Gay Texas America in Dallas, Tx. only five days after winning Mr. Gay America.  The 
Texas America program runs flawlessly.  It holds true to its name that everything is bigger in Texas.  With 17 
gentlemen competing, it is amazing how they got through it all in one night. Nathan Paris, 3rd alternate at 
Nationals, was the perfect administrator and definitely demonstrated Texas made the right decision to sash. 
him.  It was a joy to watch him in his element and float on the accomplishment he had worked so hard for.  I want 
to also acknowledge the promoters, Kristian and Christyan for running a smooth organization as it facilitated my 
job . Jenna  Skye, Gizelle Ashton and the entire Texas team was extremely accommodating and made my first 
prelim very enjoyable.  My state promoter, David Robins, surprised me and came to my first prelim.  This touched 
my heart in a special way as it was the highlight atop all the miraculous things he contributed during my 
preparations for Nationals 2 years consecutively. Michael Chiavone won Mr. Gay Texas America and 
Dakota Whitney was 1st alternate.  These two gentlemen fought to the brave end and I cannot wait to see what 
both of them produce for Nationals.

 During all the sleepless nights, travel and different climates, my body demanded that I get rest and unfortunately 
missed attending Miss Gay Ohio America as I am still the reigning Mr Gay Ohio America.  But I kept in touch with 
many there and heard it was a fantastic pageant.  I want to congratulate Courtney Kelly on a job well done and 
capturing Miss Gay Ohio America.  I have watched you grow leaps and bounds in such a short period of time and 
you will represent Ohio well at Nationals. 

Next, was Mr and Miss Gay Oklahoma America.  From the Oklahoma board,  the contestants to the audience, these 
people know the true meaning of "southern hospitality."  I needed for nothing.  Ryan Jackson, Mr. Gay Oklahoma 
America 2019, even researched my favorite desert and made sure I had it in my gift bag.  He was also my table 
buddy at Nationals and was special to me that we had a chance to bond outside of competition.  Ron Sanchez, 
Rob Morrison, TJ Bowlin and the entire Oklahoma America board made my OKC experience pretty awesome.  
Just stay away from those bandettas and white  Congratulations to the winner King Laylo York and 
first alternate K D Wang.  Your enthusiasm and eagerness to improve your craft will take you far.

I am very excited with the future of Mr. Gay America.  I have bonded with the Forever Brotherhood, introduced 
myself to many promoters, gathered an extensive list of quality competitors and adding prelims willing to support 
our dream seems like daily.  With all that is transpiring and the time and effort that is being put forth (all of which,
 I am very enthusiastic and proud to be a part of), I still find time to speak to those who support and love us from 
the spectator aspect.  Remember this position is not just about me and my reign, but is dedicated to all those that 
support in any capacity from the backstage to the audience; WE ARE AMERICA!  
Much love and respect to all that support me and my journey as Mr Gay America 2019.  Next up, 
Mr. Gay Diamond America on August 23, 2019. 

Simba R.  Hall - Mr. Gay America 2019

Simba's Roar
August 2019

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