APRIL 2019

Good Morning America! 


Hope everyone had a great month of March!! It was quite a busy month for me between traveling, making garments and trying to stay home for a few days at a time and enjoy doing nothing! 


March was quite an exciting month for the America system because it started off the preliminary season for Andora, Miss Gay America! Just last week her stepdown and the first Miss Gay America preliminary... Miss Gay New York America took place and boy was it a HIT! It might has well been a pre- national event! So many former Miss Americas were present, promoters from near and far were in attendance, other reigning national title holders.... you name them and they were probably there! The event itself had a spectacular turnout and you could really feel the love and energy in the room everyone had for the America system! And the competition was FIERCE!! All of the contestants did outstanding and really battled it out for the crown and really started the preliminary season with a bang!! Congratulations to Truly Fabu and Pataya Hart for being the first two to qualify for nationals in October!! 


With that being said the first preliminary of 2019 for Mr. Gay America is right around the corner! We’re just about 2 weeks away from the Mr. Gay Pennsylvania America preliminary which makes for the fourth preliminary for the 2019 competition being held in July! This preliminary is located in Harrisburg PA at Stallions and will be on Friday April 12th... start time 8pm!! My year as Mr. America started off with a bang and I’m thrilled to see how these last few months shape up to be and help guide these hard working contestants to see one of them become the next Mr. Gay America! 


I also wanted to touch base on the last few weeks about the opportunities I have been given to write articles and be featured in The Advocate helping inform the general public about what it is we male leads do and using the platform of Mr. Gay America to further explain male pageantry! Recently in The Advocate... an article was published about the “Top 10 things to get you through spring” and I’m proud to share that the number 1 thing listed was attending the crowning of Mr. Gay America 2019!  It’s so exciting to see the interest growing in male pageantry and seeing that the hard work we as males put in to see that we aren’t going un-noticed and what we do is very similar to what female impersonators do... just less hair. Makeup and pads. Lol 


With these last few months I have as being Mr. Gay America I want to continue to travel, teach, help and encourage anyone and everyone to follow their dreams and to continue fighting for what it is that they love to do. And no matter what others may say or think of you... someone out there believes and supports you.... someone out there that you may not know you have inspired.... someone out there looks up to you and learns from you... and just because they may not say it doesn’t mean it’s not true. 


And if there is anything I wish to leave behind as Mr. Gay America or just as a performer in it self... it is that I made someone smile.... I changed their outlook on male leads and that I have inspired someone to simply be the best at whatever it is they want to be! 


Until next time... Goodnight America! 



Judas' Journal
April 2019

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