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Who We Are & What We Do

Mr. Gay America is the oldest gay male competition in America.  We continue to provide entertainment and competition from some of the most talented and successful gay men in America.


To embolden and enhance the gifts of gay male entertainers through education, empowerment and encouragement in the LGBTQ+ and main-stream communities.



To gather the most diverse, educated, handsome and talented gentlemen across America and provide them a platform to spread knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community and passions of the heart to all whom they connect to with the title of Mr Gay America.















Simba R Hall has been a part of the male lead industry for over twenty years.  Notable titles achieved include Mr. Renaissance, Mr. Duval, Mr. Continental, Mr. Gay USofA and Mr. Gay America.  He founded the King's Alliance, which unites all National Kings as one unit and expands the talents of all National leads across the country.  

During the pandemic, Simba saw an opportunity to further his participation in the community.  He presented an offer to Mike and Rob to purchase Mr. Gay America and they accepted.  This birthed Prideland Production, LLC which was created to advance the entertainment within the LGBTQ+ community with an emphasis on male leads.  Prideland Production, LLC proudly produced the Mr. Gay America 2021 National competition in Las Vegas, NV. 

Simba March 5th promo_edited.jpg

 "Simba has taken the role as Founder and CEO, while still reigning successfully as the current Mr. Gay America."


We Believe

Monica Mitchells joined Simba as co-owner in 2023.  She has been apart of the America system for well over two decades.  She became a promoter for Mr and Miss Gay America in 2019.  As the owner of Mr and Miss Gay Southern America, she won several accolades including Promoter of the Year, Preliminary of the Year and The Robins Award which is Mr Gay America's highest honor.  She also sits on the National Board of Miss Gay America.  She and Simba became great friends since they met in 2019 and she wanted to assist his dream with Mr Gay America soaring to new heights.

Since joining forces with Simba, Monica helped launch the future of MrGA with phasing out preliminaries and going to a selection process.  This was done to foster new interest from possible male leads and allow promoters (now called Stakeholders) an opportunity to have more say in the system and save them time and finances in the process.

Both Simba and Monica's hopes are to advance the art of male lead entertainment beyond the walls of the LGBTQ+ community and expose all creeds to the enormous talents that the industry produces.  Mr. Gay America boasted forty (40) qualified contestants with thirty-nine (39) showing up under Simba's reign.  These numbers have not been seen by any male contest in the US in over three decades and, together, they will continue to break barriers within and beyond the community.

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