2020/2021 Contestants

Qualified contestants for the 2020/2021 contest

Mr. Gay Texas America

Winner:  Michael Chiavone

1st alternate: Dakota Whitney

Mr. Gay Oklahoma America 2019

Winner:  King Laylo York 

1st alternate:  K.D. Wang 

Mr. Gay Oklahoma America 2020

Winner: Shane L. Sterling

1st alternate: Valentino Minaj

Mr. Gay Diamond America

Winner:  August Edwards

1st alternate:  Zie'l Iman-Dickerson

*Mr. Gay California America

Winner:  Sean Vaughn Carter

1st alternate:  Manny Sanchez

Mr. Gay Great Lakes America

Winner:  B Sharp

1st alternate:  Gerald Alexander

*Mr. Gay Southern America

Winner: Jericho Habib

1st alternate: Leo Luv D'mor

*Mr. Gay Louisiana America

Winner: Poseidon Davenport

1st alternate: Michael Saur

*Mr. Gay Arkansas America

Winner: Kaden Cassadine

1st alternate: Zu'goddie Black

*Mr. Gay Arizona America: 

Winner: Fa'Shay B. Ross

1st alternate: Alix Garza

*Mr. Gay Minnesota America

Winner: Michael Lynn

1st alternate: Jonny B.

*Mr. Gay Nevada America

Winner: Riccardo LaReese

1st alternate: Cesar Ayala 

*Mister Gay Mississippi America

Winner: Christian P. Steele

1st alternate: Adonis Addiktion Delorean

Mr. Gay North Carolina America: 

Winner: My'kel Knight-Adams

1st alternate: Tanner Shriver

Mr. Gay New York America: 

Winner: Geo Glam

1st alternate: Jovan Cardin IV

*Mr. Gay Missouri America:

Winner:  KC Sunshine

1st alternate:  Jameson McQueen

*Mr. Gay Tennessee America

Winner:  Ricky Riccardo Ross

1st alternate:  Brian Lynch

*Mr. Gay Grand Canyon America

Winner:  Geo Johnson

1st alternate:  Owen Michael Parker 

*Mr. Gay Southwest America

Winner: Christopher Iman

1st alternate: Scott Chalaire

*Mr. Gay Ohio America

Winner: Tyler Hall

1st alternate: Isaac Ismael

*Mr. Gay Florida America

Winner: Mirage Cruz

1st alternate: Achilles Blackwell

*Due to COVID-19, Mr. Gay America Board of Directors decided to suspend Mr. Gay America's policy to not make appointments.  These appointments were done in our obligation to keep our community safe.  All those titled "winner" will  assist in the promotion of that particular preliminary during the 2022 contest season.  Rules and regulations concerning appointments will resume after the 2021 contest season.